September 30, 2010

Thanks again to Marcel…and 3 gigs.

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Big thanks to Marcel for coming over and getting our new home computer set up. It’s great to have friends with mad skills.

But now my car’s crippled. *sigh* It’s always something…

THere ARE three cool Trike Shop gigs coming up in October:

1) This Friday (the 1st) –We’re providing the entertainment for Creative Fresno’s monthly ‘blender’. Info

2) Sat. Oct. 9th—John Lennon Birthday Bash over at Full Circle Brewery. We’re playing with The Loungemen. Peppering the sets with plenty o’ Lennon tunes. Should be fun. Directions:

3) Saturday, October 23rd—3rd annual Fresno Urban Sound Experience (aka The FUSE Festival). Multi-venue, multi-band showcase of more than 30 local bands + DJ’s in Fresno’s downtown. info:

September 16, 2010

Worries of the Independent Artist with the Hyper-Hyphenated Job Description

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It’s hard living a double life.
You know…the dayjob with the medical insurance and steady income and
that other part of your life that makes it all worth living.
It’s even harder when that double life gets divided into further little pieces.
One starts feeling like a person with multiple personality disorder.
And sometimes, one yearns for a day off! (laughs)

I just finished stuffing a few envelopes with a CD and our promo info to send
to a couple of magazines.
I’m trying to get some notice for our new album.

One has a limited amount of time. The trouble is, there’s so much to do.

We live in a world now where a musician can be his own record label, but that
involves contacting college and internet radio, online and print ‘zines and blogs, staying on top of
websites like facebook and myspace, booking gigs, trying to make new out-of-town
contacts to get the band out and heard…..the list becomes long and the hours grow short.

Oh yeah. And you need to write some good songs.

September 8, 2010

Cleaning Up After Summer. Diving into Fall.

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Summertime was a busy and productive time for The Trike Shop:
Plenty of gigs in and out of town while also spending time promoting our new CD
The Underground Garden via the internet and the good ol’ US Postal System.

And now we’re running into Fall.
Our goals for the coming season:
1) Increase the number of gigs we
do out-of-town
2) Continue to spread the word about the new CD by trying to get some more notice in blogs, podcasts, magazines, etc. (Watch for some news in the next couple of weeks about a song of ours being included in a UK publication!)
3) Lay the foundation for our tour of England coming up this Spring.

September 7, 2010

The Blog Connections

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I just noticed that this blog is on the blogroll of I read that blog daily. There are several other blogs that I keep up with on a daily or nearly daily basis. Those are all listed below on my ‘blogroll’.
Talk aboutchyer ‘connectivity’ and ‘inter-reliance’ and ‘underground railroads of communication’—blogs really do serve these functions in today’s world and specifically in the arts/entertainment world around this and many other towns. Thanks to all who keep us up on the local music news.

p.s. posts have been sparce because (choose one or two or all):
*was living through all the gigs I’d been plugging all summer
*school started, and that’s how I make my daily bread, and it’s crazy getting back into the swing
—Thanks for y our patience: I hope the posts will come fast and furious now.