Things to do…

Saturday’s event was a success on many levels. The success was due to many many people’s efforts (apropos of the ‘underground garden’ theme, I think). I’m still experiencing a sort of tiredness that might be the accumulation of wear from months of near-constant activity and planning. There are still several things to do–some big, some small:
1) Get the pictures from the cd release party and start posting them
2) Get the tiles for the Underground Garden art project stored safely.
3) Figure out where we’ll show the Underground Garden art project again, and make those arrangements.
4) Get ready for a fun gig—May-Post-ArtHop at Tokyo Gardens…another one of those cool gigs set up by Mike from Rademacher.
5) Start planning a mailing blitz for the new CD…trying to get reviews, press, etc.
6) Several important birthdays coming up in my life…some mine, some not. I gotta bake a cake!