November 18, 2013

Quick Scribbles into Fall

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Chelsea Jones joing us for a blistering “Ball and Chain”

There’s always *something* going on. One is either cooking something up for the near future, or living through the situations one has cooked up in the recent past. Fall brought a small break from the myriad of gigs that kept us zipping around the state at the end of Summer, but that doesn’t mean we were resting on our laurels…(what laurels?).  Included below are some pictures from this past weekend’s gig on the campus of UC Santa Cruz, courtesy of my daughter’s organizational skills…great gig with charming songs and presentations of Olivia Rose, the bold and heart-challenging songs of Chelsea Jones, ourselves,  the reverb-moody-melodies of Them are Us Too, the hip hop free-high-stylings of Wizzbang Operation, and the striking electronica-cinematic visuals of Shawheen Keyani….(other Fall happenings?….finishing a recording with the now re-named Harp/Theremin/Percussion group…now called, “TriOblique”, having Mike Lidskin from Twirl Radio to a live broadcast from our very own Whispermaphone Studios….and coming up? a Dec. gig up in Sacramento, the next Food Not Bombs fundraiser here in Fresburg in January…and some songs to finish writing and recording…oh, and check out PopGarden’s Christmas Album featuring an exclusive Trike Shop track….Did I say there was always *something* going on???)
[thanks to Martin Hansen for the Chelsea Jones, Olivia Rose, Them Are Us Too, and Wizzbang Operation photos!]

at UC Santa Cruz

Chelsea Jones--organizer and performer

Them Are Us Too

Olivia Rose

Wizzbang Operation

Shawheen Keyzani


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