August 3, 2013

inter-connections and commonalities

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Though an extremely difficult one for me on a personal level, this summer finds the band and myself doing what we do well: playing on bills/making friends with musicians from all over and all under this network of commonality: this world of indie/pop/rock musicians.

(thanks to Martin Hansen for most of the pictures!)

at Fais Do Do in Los Angeles for the International Pop Overthrow Festival

Several gigs down, and several to come [this Wed. at the Hotel Utah in S.F., this Fri. at Fitzgerald's in Huntington Beach]. Two albums released, one reflecting this affinity we have for diving into musical community: Fresno Covers Fresno, and the other an EP [the Trike Shop's "Teasers from the Whispermaphone"] that both stands on its own, and harkens to some projects that are still being formed.

Highlights have included: finding such parallels in ideas and experiences with a songster who I met for the first time last night,  who came all the way to Fresno (ok, he played other places in the U.S. as well) from Perth, Australia (thanks Joe Algeria of JAC), talking about bad vampire and kung fu movies at Canters with friends after playing at the IPO in L.A., hearing the most lyrical guitar playing ever in the over-all-terrific band of Lannie Flowers from Texas, touching bases and remembering how much I enjoy the music and people in so many bands: Sitcom Neighbor, Felsen, the Shamus Twins

some pix from Twirl Radio presents: Fresno Edition :  (once again, thanks to Martin Hansen for the photos!)

Mike Lidskin, host of Twirl Radio, announces Lannie Flowers and friends!

the program


Felsen --from the Bay Area


[next I'll tackle the ever-growing-font-of-rock n'roll-joy that is Fresno Covers Fresno!]

too much fun at the Fresno Covers Fresno release party. Members of Sparklejet, Poplord, Sunburns, Trike Shop and Pinkeye join together for a tune.