December 15, 2010

Getting ready to catch the next wave…

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Planting seeds, getting your ducks in a row….whatever metaphor you wish to use, that’s what this last part of 2010 is about for me. It’s not a time for promoting or gigging…it’s a time for laying the groundwork.

The Trike Shop hasn’t played for the last two months, and probably won’t for at least another month or so. Leland’s knee is on the mend, and it gives us a good opportunity to take that smallish break from gigging and set things up for some big projects in 2011.

There’s a sort of mini-rock musical that we’re putting together for the Rogue Festival at the beginning of March. This looks like it’ll be great fun and quite a challenge. We’ll be collaborating with two friends: Jamie Holt and Josh Tehee who have run succesful Rogue shows for the last couple of years.

The other big project of early 2010 will be a tour of England. Four years ago we did a series of shows in Liverpool and a town in the central/northern part of England called Bradford. This time, with the help of several friends, we’ll be setting things up in the North again with Liverpool, Bolton and Manchester and then heading down to London. I can not wait…but there’s lots to set up to make sure that everything happens as we wish.

So yeah…..lots of ducks to set up in a row…