March 18, 2011

English Tour Details Coming Together

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The details for our tour of England are coming together!
We’ve got airplane tickets..some hotel reservations…and most importanly,
some gigs nailed down.
The first ones to come together are the IPO Festival dates:
Liverpool—Cavern Club Sunday, May 22nd at
Liverpool—Cavern Pub (other side of the street!)….Monday, May 23rd
London—Bull and Gate Saturday, May 28th.

Our good friend Olly Neashum (who came into Fresno and played for us thrice last summer) is setting up our mid-week gigs in the
Manchester/Bolton area. [Thanks Olly!

Fun facts:
*Apparenty Nirvana and Blur are amongst the bands who have played previously at the Bull and Gate in London.
*This time at the Cavern, we’re playing in the smaller (but more wine-cellar-ee) front room….very exciting…
looks just like the footage you’ve seen of the early Beatles playing “Some Other Guy”.

March 6, 2011

Big Show or Bust!

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So we’ve done our new Rogue Festival show twice so far.
They’ve been a blast.
Two dates left.
Friday, March 11th at 5:30pm
Saturay, March 12th at 2:30 in the afternoon.
Both shows at the Starline in Fresno’s Tower District.
Here’s the little descriptive paragraph from the festival’s program:

Police entanglements, Fresno city permits, hellhounds on their trail, pitiless club owners, wives and girlfriends on the brink of losing patience. Will the band ever fulfill their dream and make it to the Big Show? Long-time Rogue Festival favorites: Jamie Holt, Josh Tehee and Blake Jones & the Trike Shop (and a few special guest dancers from Baba For Now) take the stage in this rockshow-styled romp for those of us somewhere between dreaming and ripping our teeth out.

also..go check out Josh and Jamie’s show “Birds and Bees”…details at:
also also….our kickstarter campaign is taking off. THANK YOU. As of this writing, we’re 1/4th of the way there….with 69 days to go.
Help us out if you can. Watch the video at:….help