July 30, 2010

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Olly Neasham (pictured above), hailing from Bolton, UK (north of Manchester), is coming to the West Coast to do some shows.

Olly has played England’s edition of International Pop Overthrow Festival before, but now he would be travelling the West Coast. Following this whole “Underground Garden”, we-are-all-connected kinda vibe, the director of the IPO, David Bash, tagged me and said we might connect as this guy is looking to book some more shows to help fill up his calendar in the U.S. .

So…here’s what we got for him in the Fresno area:
He’s opening the show for the Post-ArtHop party at Tokyo Garden on Thursday, August 5th.(9:30ish?)
On FRIDAY, August 6th, with the gracious help of [musician, promoter, all-around-good-guy] Steve Ono and the Fresno Folk Society, we’ve got a show that
includes sets by myself, Steve, Omar of Ballad: The Memory, and, of course Olly Neasham.

Then, Neasham moves on to some IPO fest shows:
Los Angeles–Aug.7th

Whichever area you live in….check this travelling songwriter out!
Hopefully, we’ll meet him again as The Trike Shop travels back to England in Late Spring 2011.

July 20, 2010

Careful what you wish for….’busy-ness’

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playing the IPO fest Sunday and will be on their new CD compilation!

I knew that this would be a busy summer.
I did it on purpose. I wanted to accomplish some things.
Spent the first 1/2 on the phone
and in the mail—trying to promote the new CD and
set up a bunch of gigs for the band.–and now, it’s
like we’re tipping over the first domino…and they’re all
starting to fall fast and furious.
We’re playing Los Angeles Sunday (July 25), and then Visalia
the Saturday after that (July 31)..and then some gigs
closer to home. (Oh yeah, and tonight I finished editing then delivered the
Spencer/Morris recordings I wrote about a couple posts
down the way…)
I think I need a Summer Vacation!

July 11, 2010

Friends….a most important part of the Underground Garden…

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We’re at the beginning of a whole slew o’ gigs here in mid-summer.
An interesting one happened a week or so ago.
Part of Fresno’s “Art-Hop”…a First Thursday night of galleries staying
open and the unafraid-to-leave-the-northern-enclaves-of-suburbia
coming out to check out the pulse of downtown and the local arts.

We played in a new store called “All Things Fresno”.
Many folks cruised in and out…..but when some of your bestest pals come by…
that’s when it’s good.

Hats off to my friends (pictured above) Ron and Fran who can talk your ear off about
the value of true and authentic music…from the garage to the sweaty club stage…these
are two friends who know it, have lived it, and can tell us all a thing or three.
I’m more than thankful for such as these.—pictured just outside the venue on a break.

what else to say but….”God Save the Village Green” and “God Save the Kinks”!