Fresno Covers Fresno–what we have so far…

[updated Mid-March]

Hello all who are interested in the Fresno Covers Fresno project (described in more detail HERE).

Time is running out for submissions. March 21st is the deadline. Any submissions that are late, might be considered for the online bonus tracks, but to get on the CD….get yours in quick. Email me at

This is a list of  artists and the song/band they wish to cover. Most of the tracks are in, but a few

are still ‘in the mail’…Let’s hope they all are able to get those tracks done!

The listings are more or less listed this way: ARTIST CONRIBUTING/SONG BEING DONE(if available at this writing)/BAND BEING COVERED

and are in no particular order as of yet.

2 a.m. Orchestra covers “Julia Butterfly”  by George Rotalo/Bev

Blake Jones & the Trike Shop covers “Rent One From Jane” by Poplord

It’ll Grow Back covers “My Girlfriend’s Boots” and “Mil Mascaraz” by Pinkeye

Werebear covers “Hold My Tongue” by Sleep Over Disaster

Clatterbox covers  ’Misery’ by A-Boy Spork

The Suicide Lounge   covers “Falling Dream” by  The Shroud

Guy Beard & the Lunch Wagon Romeos covers “Windows and Cracks” by The Town Cryers

Niilo Smeds covers “Need Nobody” by Rademacher

Sparklejet  covers “I’m an Airplane “ by  American Sloth

Kenneth What’s the Frequency covers “Across the Sea” by Western Chapter

T for Tiberious     covers ”Cryonics” by  Tales of Young Robert

Mantis Watch covers “Summer Bummer” by Sci-fi Capers

Llama Boy covers “”Harsh Reality” by Harsh Reality and “ Elephant Man” by  Capitol Punishment

Jet Electro covers “Your Sad Party Dress” by Blake Jones & the Trike Shop

General Populus covers (  ) by Circus Bogus

The Sunburns  cover ”Summertime” by  Brother Luke & the Commrades

Poplord   covers “All I Ever Wanted” by The Clams


Chelsea Jones covers “Fire Escape” by 2a.m. orchestra

I Do Not Exist— Damaris Paz’s-”growing up” or Resturnaut’s-”in relation to a fraud”

The Neptunes  covers “Emilio” by Sparklejet

Third Rail Power Trip covers Blackbird Stories