April 30, 2010

A small taste of the Underground Garden Party!

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underground garden artist picture

I’m going to have to ask Marcel how he does those thumbnail pic displays so I can post a whole bunch more of these fun pictures at once…..

but for now, here’s a small taste of the fun that was had last Saturday night at Audie’s Olympic at the Underground Garden CD Release Party! It’s a shot taken by….(I’m not sure who!) that I took off of Aileen Imperatrice’s facebook page. It’s a picture of a number of the artists who contributed to the Underground Garden Art Piece in front of the actual thing itself!

Over the weekend, I’ll be trying to figure the thumbnail thing AND the ‘ohmanthefileistoobig forthisblogtoaccept’ thing out. Big thanks to Pam Severson for taking pictures for us all evening! I look forward to getting them posted up here soon!

April 28, 2010

Things to do…

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Saturday night’s event was a success on many levels. That success was due to the contributions of many many people (appropriate to the “underground garden” theme, I think). I find that I’m still tired; perhaps it’s the accumulated tiredness of many months of almost constant activity.

There are still a few things to take care of:

1) get the pictures from Saturday night and start posting/sharing them.
2) get the tiles from the Underground Garden art piece and store them safely.
3) figure out when/where we’ll show the Underground Garden art piece again and make those arrangements.
4) get ready for a fun gig next Thursday night…another one of those post-Arthop gigs set up by Mike from Rademacher.
5) start organizing a mailing blitz of the new CD —trying to gather reviews/press/airplay, etc.
6) I have a pile o’ important birthdays coming up in my life..some mine, some not. I’ve gotta bake a cake!

April 21, 2010

Here’s just two of Saturday night’s guest stars at the CD release…

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George Rotalo's CD cover

For Saturday night’s show, we’re hoping to present the music from our new CD, but we’re also looking to offer up the fun of hearing lots of different voices/ lots of different sounds of the local music world.

George Rotalo is an excellent songwriter who just doesn’t play out often enough. He’ll open the show right at 9pm, so don’t be late!

Somewhere in the show’s mid-section, we’ll hear from Dylan Tidyman-Jones [pictured with a small animal above] who’s not only a terrific songwriter, but a great guitar player . We hear him most often these days with Wheels of Fortune, but Saturday, we get to hear some of his solo material.

Two more reasons to enjoy Saturday’s show at Audie’s!

April 15, 2010

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Big thanks are in order for our pal Todd Severson who is helping us with the promotions of the CD release party!
(He made the very very cool flyer for the event—[above]!)

and thanks to Mike Osegueda, music writer for the Fresno Bee and fresnobeehive.com, for
posting a song from the new album on the beehive!
Here’s the link. (click here).

April 13, 2010

Underground Garden Art Piece is getting some internet love….

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tile from The Underground Garden by Ross and Kim Garcia

Click here for the posting I did over at Fresno Famous.

Click here for a post that contributing artist Ed Stewart did about his part in the piece.

Click here for a post from Heather McClane of the Fresno Beehive. She’s doing a regular featured called “Junk in the Trunk”, and Underground Garden art project contributor (and builder! thanks Adam!) is featured, and some of the junk in his trunk are the bits of wood for the art piece.

And I *think* Adam did a post on this project when he was first building the tiles….but I’ll check back and link it. Either way. He writes an excellent blog that you may wish to check out. (click)

The above picture is one of the actual tiles for the project. This one by Ross and Kim Garcia. Ross is the designer/artist that put together the cover for our CD: The Underground Garden. (and of course, the art piece AND the cd make their public debut at Audie’s Olympic (aka Club Fred) on Saturday, April 24!)