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Saturday, December 9th
Some folks are organizing a benefit for Toshi and Tommy's family---your friends and mine at Tokyo Garden. It's happening at Fulton 55.  The music begins at 8pm. It's quite the line-up (besides The Trike Shop, there's a rare appearance by the splendid Sparkle Jet, The Roger Perry Band,  Thunderbolt 650, Debi Ruud, Rockville, and Fulton's Folly--and our M.C. : Nate Butler. Come one. Come all! Fulton 55 is at  875 Fulton Street in Downtown Fresno.

Work continues on the new Trike Shop album. We're shooting for a release in Feb. or March on CD, vinyl, and download.

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We did our third overseas trip in May 2015. (We're in the middle of planning our next.) To cruise through our day-by-day blog of the last tour...just clickity click  here.

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