Autumn Brings New Music and Pletnty o' Leaves to Rake Up

The Slightly Big's a single:
The Trike Shop is working on/getting to release an internet-only Christmas single. It's part of Big Stir Records weekly single series--they've been releasing a new single every Friday. Ours is out on Friday, time for you to enjoy it for the holidays---and pre-sale begins on the Dec.8th.---Be the first on your block!  
The Big News
----after *months* of delay, the vinyl version of the new Blake Jones & the Trike Shop album "Make, is finally here! Order yours today at:  Or if you're near Central California, drop into one of our favorite bricknmortars: Tower District Records. They're sellin' 'em like hot cakes (extra butter on the side by request).
The summer's been full of great music and great adventures with our Big Stir commrades! The "Glasgow to Hamburg Tour in June, and then some of  the Europeans coming over *here* to play in California. [ There's still one coming up---Fast Camels from Glasgow are coming to play in Fresno's classic Tokyo Garden on Friday, Sept. 14th. Don't miss it! With Trike Shop and Brian Kenney Fresno, it promises to be quite the evening!].
This summer's tour also promises to be documented by a blog here on line. This, and a re-vamp of this every more tattered site are hopefully on  a near horizon.
Summer also gave us numerous plays of tracks from the new album on internet, satellite and terrestrial radio! Thank you to ALL of the dj's who support indie music. (and a big thank you to Rodney Bingenheimer for playing "My Soft Rock Girlfriend" on his Serius Radio program!!)

Spring Explodes Into Summer...

The Glasgow to Hamburg Tour!
Come out and say "hello"!!

Thurs., June 14 Sunny G radio 103.5 fm or listen on 6-8pm Glasgow time (ok..2am-4am CaliforniaTime...for you night-owls)---Glasgow, Scotland

Fri. June 15--Clutha Vaults  (w/ the Fast Camels)   

              --Glasgow, Scotland
Sat., June 16--- McChuill's (w/ the Fast Camels)
          ---Glasgow, Scotland  

Tues. June 19--The Thirsty Scholar---Manchester, UK

Fri. June 22-- The Oval Tavern (w/ Spygenius)--Croyden, UK

Sat. June 23--The Unicorn (w/Spygenius)---Canterbury, UK

Fri. June 29—The Astra Stube (w/ Iron Lung Quintet)—Hamburg, Germany

Sat. June 30—The Irish Pub (with Stephen's Ruin)---Hilden, Germany

The new Trike Shop album is garnering some terrific reviews (which we will post later in the summer when we re-vamp this website)......But for *now* GET/AQUIRE/GRAB a copy of the newest album "Make" either at             or

or at these fine brick-and-mortar stores:

Tower District Records in Fresno


Velouria Records in Visalia

available as a CD or download....(Yes, we did hit some major snags in the promised VINYL VERSION...but we will get to that once we return from the tour detailed above...thank you for your patience!) 


Can't wait to view some video of the band? Click this way to our youtube channel!

We did our third overseas trip in May 2015. (See up-top for our current 2018 tour.) To cruise through our day-by-day blog of the last tour...just clickity click  here.

Have friends and loved ones with holes in their Blake Jones & the Trike Shop music collection? Click here to order!