And Autumn.....

.Next up:
Sat. May 14th --an early afternoon in Burbank

Our good friends the Armoires put on a monthly showcase of PowerPop & More..that they call "Big Stir". We're proud to be part of this month's installment of bands from Los Angeles and elsewhere. We're one of the "elsewheres" of course. They're throwing this party at Joe's Great American Bar and Grill. (4311 Magnolia Blvd., Burbank,CA) An afternoon show packed with goodies...AND it's free!  

and then, on Sat. October 21st in Downtown Fresno....

Fresno is re-opening their 'Main St.'...50 years ago , they closed Fulton and creatied a progressive-for-its-time walking mall all chock full of  public art and optimism. Well, stories vary, but basically it did not do as well as they hoped as the Evil Sprawl Monster, Shady Developers, and 70's shopping malls dominated our life. They are RE-OPENING it and re-kindling the optimism and have refurbished a lot of the public art/fountains, magical orbs (what?)....and are throwing a PARTY!!!! It's free. There will be music, pop up stores, and ...what's a magical orb?.....Come see the Trike Shop at the southern-end of the party—on the Kern Street Stage at approx. 9pm. (We may also be making a surprise appearance earlier on at the Creative Fresno Pop-Up Store…stay tuned for details!!

Can't wait to view some video of the band? Click this way to our youtube channel!

We did our third overseas trip in May 2015. (We're in the middle of planning our next.) To cruise through our day-by-day blog of the last tour...just clickity click  here.

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